We Bring Nature's beauty to YOUR Life. Remember to share Kindness and Love in this special season!
We Bring Nature's beauty to YOUR Life. Remember to share Kindness and Love in this special season!

20 Seconds Time Lapse of Hurricane Maria in Raul's home in Isabela PR - see what destroyed El Yunque Rain Forest Canopy and PR in 2017 - these 140MPH winds for 12 hours - witness history in the making

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FAQ - General Questions about El Yunque and PR

Where is Puerto Rico?

 Somewhere on the map...PR is several Islands in the Caribbean on one side and the Atlantic on the other. It is after Cuba and the Dominican Republic, the size is 100x35 miles, 85% mountains and a population of 3M approx. 

The capital is San Juan. The main towns are Mayaguez, Ponce, Arecibo and Fajardo.

It has US Currency. It was a Military invasion in the 1898 Hispanic American war. So we do keep the Latin culture and appreciate all others.

Government: Same as USA - a bunch of old nasty corrupt fools...

What is El Yunque.

It is a mass of mud and plants and trees and rivers and boulders and tourists and rain! 

It's an hour friom SJ via Rout 66 then PR 191.

In reality it is a VERY bio diverse rain forest whose topography and forest density makes it often impenetrable and mysterious. We try to document it here. It's marvel is that everywhere there is infinite variety of life forms...

Do I need passport to travel from the USA?

No - it is not a requirement. It is inside the US Territory. It is also the same currency, and many speak fluent English.

But PR is an Island and three two ways to get here are 1-Born here 2-by Plane or 3-by Boat. Some come in subs but these are few...

There are cheap flights from NY or Miami. Jet blue is one of them.

Many large cruises stop in San Juan and give tours of El Yunque.

What are the best places in PR?

Old San Juan - Bars, people,El Morro, Hotels, Partys etc.

Great Beaches: Luquillo etc

Forest: El Yunque, Toro Negro,Carite,Maricao

Islands: Vieques, Culebra,Mona,Virgin Islands

Food: unique, Spanish + Indian Taino + African

The Arecibo Radio-Telescope and many other less 

Races: Not a big issue here

Worst places: as a veggie all the American fast foods are the worst places here ... and there are many of these!

What is Yunque.Store?

 Many visit PR and El Yunque and then return home and have little left... some vague memories. Here we provide canvas, videos and free downloads!

NY Ricans: Too many natives have left for US or were born there and want to have some reminders of their homeland and culture.

Northern countries: Some have never been to the TROPICS where there is NO winter. Our products will keep you warm and happy in the moody cold seasons!

We allow you to order some part of El Yunque or the beaches you love and send it home as a canvas, a pillow, a poster, AOP clothing, a notebook or jewelry!

Explorations: We also share DEEP forest explorations with all.

Mona Island is an example of something not even 0.003% of Puertoricans have seen!