Introducing Gilligan's Island - a FUN day in Puerto Rico South coast

Introducing Gilligan's Island - a 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧FUN day in Puerto Rico South coast

Waiting in Guanica's PIER for the 1st boat departure about 7am - Island capacity 200

Can i eat a fish please?

Where is my owner?

The coqui and it's music

A fishing village

Preparing the boat

Wait time

Wait time

Wait time

Wait time

Wait time

Some history - the then famous Gilligan's Island TV show

Gilligan’s Island nicknamed after the popular tv show, is one of Puerto Rico’s cays you can’t miss. Cayo Aurora, the cay’s formal name, is a mile off the coast of the of Guanica on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico. 

 Gilligan’s Island is part of the Biosphere Reserve of Guanica and managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DRNA). 

 Cayo Aurora is one of the three cays that make up Cayos de Caña Gorda (Caña Gorda Cays); Cayo Aurora is on the west side, Isla Ballena on the east side separated from the mainland by a channel of about 65 feet, and Cayo Honda is the cay in between.


Times have changed?

The cast

Arrival in Paradise

Crystal clear natural pool for a full day of swimming, snorkeling, kayaking & connecting with nature…

The official name is CAYO AURORA - but who cares...

There are no stores or gas sources in the island

Restroom facilities

Picnic facilities

Cooking facilities

Each enjoys as desired

The ocean is the most social place in Puerto Rico - a great place for sharing and conversation - with a COLD beer in hand

Puerto Rico's culture at it's best  - how we enjoy a hot July day in the water!

Children come ready to enjoy

Parents and small children have a blast too - the water near the island is totally calm and safe

Am I having fun?

A family's visit to the Island from Isabela PR

It is crowed but we find a quiet spot in the mangrove in the opposite direction after the pier

This beach is quiet since it's trapped by several islands

The mangrove roots creates new small islands

The mangrove roots creates water channels

Most do not bother to think here ...

A few manage to think deep here!

💎 Is't that happiness? 💎

💋The face of LOVE and JOY 💘

Natures Spot 

As a photographer i love the shades of the swamp

Decomposition like the rain forest

How the roots hold the ground and create new land

Walking paths are full of roots

Path out of the mangrove

Nobody is alone here!

All over the are schools of fish 

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