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Old Pal exploration video and collection

The Old Pal exploration video: How our store works from exploration to home decor and other products: ... The Old pal collection of related products:

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Amazing article - How nature saves us trillions of dollars in health care - Ula Chrobak 2019

You probably know intuitively that nature is restorative. That effect is also backed up by research. From the results of the three surveys, they estimated that national park use was correlated with a boost in wellbeing of 2.5 percent...Scaling that up globally, they found that a conservative estimate of that benefit is $6 trillion … In another, nature walks improved memory and mood in people with major depression.

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New Collections - Now we have THREE TOP-QUALITY printers right in EUROPE!

How our store works from exploration to home decor and other products: ... News as of 10/2019: now has products that print directly in TOP Quality POD printers in Europe - UK, Germany and the Czech Republic - right in the center of the EU. They also include 4 collections since UK has cavas-all and canvas - Mona Island. Thus any new home owner, home decorator or hotel in EU can order these very well priced top quality canvas prints to turn any empty wall into a window to the warm and colorful TROPICS!   The three POD services are: Germany - Textildruck Europa (clothing) UK - Prodigi (canvas) UK - Prodigi (Mona Island canvas) Czech Republic - (Clothing)...

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