Meet the explorers - Jose, Miguel, Gloria and Gabriela

🐱‍🐉Meet the El Yunque Explorers  👨‍👩‍👧‍👧


Up Rio Sabana Trail

Children are natural explorers

An exemplary mother in la coca falls

Rio Sabana

The PR 191 closed loop in MT Britton

Jose in the lost PR 191 section

Naguabo PR - we were not able to cross it

Gabi - Miguel and Jose in the Mameyes river - the largest of El Yunque - Puente Roto PR 186



Cyclists up PR 191 Naguabo to the park

Jose on the Holy Spirit river explorations

Gloria on the PR 191 Gate

In a dangerous & failed exploration in the upper section of rio sabana from Tradewinds - got lost then...



In El Yunque trail top sections

In the landslide in early Tradewinds

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