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Vertical Framed Premium Gallery Wrap Canvas - Telephoto View at 1,000 feet alt. from Yokahu tower after a storm - El Yunque rainforest PR

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Bring an authentic rainforest experience to your bedroom, hallways, home or office. Connect with Nature every day!

Ideal for the office, business, hospital or church that wants to impress its employees, members, visitors or clients.

A perfect addition to every room!

Our standard canvas is a finely textured artist-grade cotton
substrate which consistently reproduces image details with
outstanding clarity and detail.

.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Wooden frame
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use

About our forest wall canvas prints:

A Nikon telephoto View at 1,000 feet altitude from Yokahu tower after a  storm - El Yunque rainforest PR.
A very lucky day! We passed by after an intense storm was just over. The fog came and went.
This is one of several photos with the sequence of events.

El Yunque, officially named 'El Yunque National Forest'
(EYNF) is located in northeastern Puerto Rico.
It is the only tropical rainforest in the US National
Park System (NPS) and is managed by the US Forest Service.
It covers a surface of 28,430 acres (115 km2).
It is the largest forest in Puerto Rico.

EYNF was stablished in 1903 by the beginning USFS,
but initially it was set aside in 1876 by King Alfonso XII
of Spain and represents one of the oldest reserves in the
Western Hemisphere. Before that it was revered by the
Taino Indians as a Holy land as 'Yuke'or white land.

Canvas Prints:
We 1st used Canon cameras, then Nikon 24MP cameras 
at maximum resolution. We covered all roads and trails
of the forest and some deep regions in over 40 days of
explorations of the forest and collected over 10K images.
In 2019 we started using the Nikon D850 with 45MP.

Many of our canvas prints have dates, this is because their
purpose was to be a scientific record of the EYNF at that
place and time. Now that Hurricane Maria has decimated
the forest, it remains a record of how EYNF was after
the natural growth with no major hurricanes in 100 years.

By Raul Garcia
Forest explorer

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We collected over 10,000 images of the forest before Hurricane Maria, and now we explore Rio Sabana.
We have posted these precious images to share with all, mostly in wall canvas prints, mini canvas prints,
3-set canvas prints, metallic (polished aluminum) or acrylic prints with incredible quality of image.

The four main peaks are El Yunque peak, El Toro peak, El Cacique peak and The East Peak, all around 3,000 feet.
El Yunque has a 1-hr road and trails to it's peak, El Toro has an open muddy 3-hr trail, East Peak has a 2-hr road to it.

El Yunque is composed of four different forest vegetation areas:
Tabonuco Forest - the lower forest with taller trees, this region was reforested for over 50 years as needed.
Palo Colorado Forest - middle at about 2,500 feet approx., we find the Palo Colorado and Yagrumo trees.
Sierra Palm Forest - the upper forest near the peaks, with thousands of Sierra Palms covering the steep ground.
Dwarf Forest - the forest close to the top of the peaks at 3,000 feet of elevation, full of moss and small bromeliads.
We call the 'cloud forest' an intermediate zone from 2,500 feet upwards - were most Sierra Palms are located.
EYNF is home to over 200 species of trees and plants, 23 unique types, and of course the coqui frog.

From San Juan El Yunque is accessible via an express (prepaid toll) Route 66 and then PR-3
until the small town of Palmer, were the main road PR-191 starts and crosses El Yunque. The road has a gate that
opens daily from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, and the entrance is free. Major attractions are in Km 8 La Coca Falls
and at 8.8 km the Yokahu Tower, both with easy access and plenty of parking. Parking is limited due to the
heavy visitors and car load - about 1 to 2 million visitors per year, so it is better to come early.
The main attraction is the roaring La Mina falls, from the Large trees trail or the more scenic La Mina trail.
Information on the forest is available at the entrance in El Portal Rain Forest Center, for a small fee.

PR-191 Closed section:
At the end of the road there is a loop (PR-9938) that goes by the Mt. Britton trail, one of the best attractions,
and the goes by a gate that closes the road and returns back. This section is the upper forest and
is close to the cloud forest (over 2,500 feet altitude). The main road PR-191 was closed at this gate
since there was a huge landslide in the 1970's and the USFS decided to split the road at this point.
This we called the closed PR 191 and is a walk in the forest for about 2.5 hours.
The other open side of the PR-191 is accessible via Naguabo and PR-52, and is called Rio Sabana Park.

By Raul Garcia
Forest explorer

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