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UK Print - REMOTE MONA Island Beach and Caves

PHOTOGRAPHY - Unique images of remote locations 50 miles from two nearby Islands - PR and DR.

New Nikon 850D camera - 45MP - FULL RESOLUTION images by forest/island explorer Raul Garcia of www.yunque.store.


Only 4 people live on the island (guards etc) were there is no electricity, water or telecommunications. Rainfall 35 inches per year, Temperatures 75-105F.

BEACHES - Mostly inaccessible due to cliffs or remoteness - about 5 awesome beaches.

CAVES - about 100, many connected or next to another system of caves.
Some are in the interior and most along the wall of the 17 km island.

The Island is about 7x4 km in size, mostly flat limestone. Very hot and arid landscape The limestone reflects the sun and heat and makes it a very hot during the day.

Land cover:

1) Cactus (4.35 square miles) (11.27 km square). Rainfall is 35 inches/year.
2) Highland Dry Forest (15.55 square miles) (40.28 km square)
3) Central Depression Dry Forest (0.57 square miles) (1.47 km square)
4) Coastal Dry Forest (1.46 square miles) (3.77 km square)