Posters - The Magic pond in La Mina river and trail - El Yunque PR - Yunque Store
Posters - The Magic pond in La Mina river and trail - El Yunque PR - Yunque Store

Posters - The Magic pond in La Mina river and trail - El Yunque PR

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Low cost POSTERS:  for YOUR bedroom or  home. Impress your family, friends and visitors. Ideal for school kids and students with interests in the environment, conservation, biology and other sciences or the arts.

Connect with Nature and see its beauty and fine detail every day!

.: 264 gsm fine art paper

.: Multiple sizes

.: For indoor use+

Poster: Next to La Mina trail, an easy and magnificent trail which leads to roaring La Mina falls, is this pond
easy to photograph from many angles. Many wonder where did that rectangular boulder came from?

About our rainforest images and posters prints:

El Yunque, officially named 'El Yunque National Forest'
(EYNF) is located in northeastern Puerto Rico.
It is the only tropical rainforest in the US National
Park System (NPS) and is managed by the US Forest Service.
It covers a surface of 28,430 acres (115 km2).
It is the largest forest in Puerto Rico.

EYNF was stablished in 1903 by the beginning USFS,
but initially it was set aside in 1876 by King Alfonso XII
of Spain and represents one of the oldest reserves in the
Western Hemisphere. Before that it was revered by the
Taino Indians as a Holy land as 'Yuke'or white land.

We 1st used Canon cameras, then Nikon 24MP cameras 
at maximum resolution. We covered all roads and trails
of the forest and some deep regions in over 40 days of
explorations of the forest and collected over 10K images.
In 2019 we started using the Nikon D850 with 45MP.
Many of our canvas prints have dates, this is because their
purpose was to be a scientific record of the EYNF at that
place and time. Now that Hurricane Maria has decimated
the forest, it remains a record of how EYNF was after
the natural growth with no major hurricanes in 100 years.

Due the need to fit the image into the shape of a poster
we accepted a small change in the proportions of the images.
This was far better than image truncation.